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Please complete the following form bellow (you may choose more than 1 relevant answer):

1. Scope of business

         Distributor          Retail Outlet          Designer
         Importer          Department store          Architect
         Wholesaler          Supermarket          Interior designer
         Mass retailer          Specialist retailer          Product designer
         Property agent          Market          Design firm
         Online retailer          Hardware store          Design workshop
         Private label          Home improvement store
         Trading firm
         Agent          Hospitality          Media          Institution
         Promotional-gift agent          Hotel / Cafe          Online          Government agency
         PR agent          Retaurant          Print          Association
         Corporate user          Catering          Other          Embassy


2. Position 3. Are you involved in purchasing decision in your company?
         Owner/ Founder          Yes, for the final decision making
         President / CEO/ Chairman          Yes, involved in decision making process
         Director/ Assistant Director          No
         General Manager
         Department Manager
         Buyer/ Purchaser/ Merchandiser
         Marketing / Business Development
         Public Relation
         Finance/ Admin/ Operations
         Project procurement


4. Please identify your product category search

         Kitchen          Textiles          Workspace
         Bathroom          Sleep and Bedding          Surfaces finishes
         Lighting          Hardware accessories          Gift Souvenirs
         Furniture          Design          Housewares Home Appliances
         Furnishing          Others


5. Please indicate your objective to visit the show?

         Meet existing suppliers
         Make new contacts and develop business relations
         Evaluate products and compare suppliers
         Place orders / source new products
         Keep update of industry’s trend and development
         Evaluate participation for next participation


6. How do you get the information about the fair? 7. Do you attend other trade fair in the similar industry in Indonesia ?
         Direct mail (invitation) from the organizer          Yes
         Newsletter from the organizer          No
         Magazine, please specify
         Newspaper, please specify
         Online Media, please specify
         Association, please specify
         Government bodies/ Embassy/ Chamber of Commerce
         Recommendation from Business Partner
         Info / Invitation from the Exhibitor
         Internet Search Engine
         Social Media


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