Terima Kasih Kem-Bali By Inrara Sakib

The design philosophy behind Terima Kasih Kem-Bali by Inrara Sakib for our Botanical Arts Collection and Fashion Accessories & Jewellery collection is very simple. Each design must have a representation of Indonesia, either from its rich botany archives, textiles and natural materials, craftsmanship and culture. Each design does not pertained to be of a certain ethnic group but a beautiful eclectic combination of Indonesia’s vast cultural heritage.

Each design is beautifully hand crafted with an artistic approach to highlight the essence of art. Each creation has gone through various experimental stages. I can proudly claimed I have developed my own unique artistic method for my Botanical Arts designing and styling by combining dried flowers and fresh botanical items.

I am privileged to be an Indonesian and able to discover the many layers in our society which can be easily transformed and translated through my designs. Be it a mesmerizing floral installation, a unique headpiece, an enchanting statement necklace or simple-designed earrings. My signature collections are currently sourced and hand crafted in Bali, Yogyakarta and Kalimantan and will source from other islands as well.

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