Sunbrella has revolutionized the way the world thinks about how beautiful fabrics look, feel and perform. With an inspired palette of colors, styles and textures, premiumSunbrella fabric gives consumers, designers and architects the material they need to create the extraordinary in shade, indoor upholstery, outdoor upholstery, commercial and contract applications.

Sunbrella performance doesn’t stop at the finish. Our fabrics are constructed from fibers saturated to the core with UV-stable pigments, creating color that remains resistant to fading and that can be easily cleaned without losing its vibrancy—even with bleach.

Each collection we create tells a unique story. Sunbrella Shift explores classic patterns interpreted through a contemporary lens, with designs and textures that invite mixing and matching in unexpected ways. By layering textures, colors and patterns, a unique style emerges that embraces the future while honoring the past.

Elements and Makers represent pioneering through innovative textile design vision. As the world of textiles advances, we are creating tools that align with the many ways you work. This means tools are designed with intent and purpose. Elements and Makers are the front line of this new approach, providing rich interactive experiences.

Sunbrella Elements is a curation of essential solids, textures, stripes and jacquards. Comprised of our most trusted foundation textiles, Elements inspires personalization by allowing you to mix and match Sunbrella products and collections.


Sunbrella Makers is this year’s trend-based collection. It celebrates human creativity, craftsmanship, and individuality through fabric, revealing intrinsic values shared between traditional handmade processes and modern manufacturing. An authentic story is brought to life through jacquards and stripes inspired by ancient techniques like Mayan backstrap weaving and Japanese Shibori dyeing.

We feel as responsible for our processes as for the quality of our product, with sustainability as a major initiative. Sunbrella fabric is REACH compliant, uses solar power during its production, participates actively in recycling, and produces zero landfill.

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