The Efficient Beauty Of The Container House

Text by Marcel Thee, Photography by Sefval Mogalana.


Located in an area surrounded by a lush scenery, the container house owned by Dr. Andi Hudono MRCOG, SpOG, is a beauty utopia where both owner and family man can relax after a busy working week in the city.

Created by a team of interior designers from PT. Indonesia DS Indah Karya headed by Danny Hendrawinata Effendy, the Container House is located in Rancamaya, Bogor. With a position directly facing Mount Salak, this house-slash-villa instantly provides a sense of calm to those who wish to enter it. Especially since its core design itself mainly uses foundations and transparent windows, adding to the illusion that it is at one with the surrounding nature.

Comfortable yet efficient, this “container house” was designed and built in a relatively short time – in just three months. According to Danny, the whole building process also only acquired for 5 workers, which naturally had a big impact on the house’s retail price.

“If the house/villa Rancamaya was built based on a conventional building, then of course it would’ve needed around 10-15 workers to complete it,” explains Danny, before adding that “only 5 workers in total were needed to complete the whole container-villa project.”



This particular container-villa is also an extension of Dr. Andi’s house, located right in front of it. At first glance, the container house wasn’t visible from the main house; instead, it is the foundations of a different plateau that gives it a feel of being “a secret hideout”.


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