A rapidly growing urbanized, young, middle-class population are driving major construction projects in Indonesia. This population have an increased desire for local and international brands and these construction projects are looking for suppliers to meet these preferences.

Due to its enormous domestic demand, Indonesia offers one of the most prosperous markets for interior design, fit-out suppliers and manufacturers. The response has been rapid development in several sectors, presenting huge opportunities for architecture and interior design.


– Current value of retail industry = $326bn

– 10% annual growth

– 5th on Global Retail Development Index

– 419,000sqm of retail projects scheduled


– Hotel construction value = $1.5bn

– Consistent double-digit growth

– Currently over 200,000 keys

– 15,000+ more rooms planned


– 25,000+ new apartment units planned in Jakarta

– Jakarta constructing 500,000 sqm office space annually between 2015-2018

– 12.5% YoY increase in office space

– 22,000 completed apartment units in Jakarta in 2016


Known for their innovative high quality handmade products, ONG CEN KUANG has produced a strong collection of unique lightning and functional furniture.

At ONG CEN KUANG, We experiment with countless materials. Our process of creation has always been about having a conversation with the materials, understanding its nature, strengths and limitations.

The outcome is a perfect marriage between the materials’ unique signature and the designer’s techniques. The beautiful tango between materials and techniques never ceases to excite me and is really what keeps me going on an exploration without boundaries.


GOODSWOOD is one of Jakarta Indonesia Furnishings company provides a variety of product such as furniture, wood floors and various accessories for household needs. To enrich the variety of furniture in Indonesia and developing Indonesian product design world, especially in the field of furniture.

GOODSWOOD always trying to innovate in the fileds of design, research, development and selection of raw materials. Also collaborated with designer furniture both locally and internationally.

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