If your office is looking dull or tired, a redesign could help boost employee productivity.

The days of the monochrome, compartmentalised office are over. With funky designs, open working spaces and bright colours becoming the norm in many companies, employers now recognise that traditional cubicles and stiff formalities are not conducive to a productive working environment.

But for those without the big budget, creating an inspiring office space can be more difficult. We suggest how a few simple design tweaks can help keep your employees engaged and productive:

  • Create an Inspiring Space

To boost productivity, there should be a space within a workplace where employees can collaborate and bounce ideas off one another, without fear of disturbing others.

Coupling this with an area in which employees can focus on their individual tasks is key. Ideally, there should be two distinct areas: one for collaborative work, and one for solitary work.

  • Invest in Useful Technology

Speedy and powerful computing devices are key to keeping channels of communication open. With a multitude of apps on the market designed to increase productivity, there is no reason why staff can’t be well connected – whether they are in the office or on their way to a meeting.

Investing in dual screens, large monitors for staff meetings and tablets for remote working can have a positive effect on productivity, ensuring employees can work quickly and effectively both in and out of the office.

  • Keep it Colourful

Stimulation is key to creating a productive environment, and the power of colours shouldn’t be underestimated. With green considered calming, yellow a creative fuel, and blue known to boost productivity, it may be worth adding a splash of colour to your office.

Teaming bright, stimulating colours with a source of natural light can help keep staff motivated and stimulate productivity in the workplace.

  • Encourage Activity

Whether it’s team building days or discounted gym memberships, encouraging your employees to be active both in and out of the office can have a positive affect on productivity.

Keep this ethos in mind when designing your office layout – staff should be able to move freely around the office, and use different spaces according to the tasks they are focusing on.

  • Consider Comfort

Of course, you don’t want your office to be so comfy and homely that staff are falling asleep on the job, but it’s important that employees are able to do their jobs while sitting comfortably, in the right temperature and with adequate ventilation.

Which large companies such as Google are investing in sleep pods and funky furnishings, this may not be ideal for the smaller business. However, simply ensuring your employees have a comfy place to relax while on their breaks is a step in the right direction. Read more

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